Cutting through the noise is harder than ever...
First Touch is here to help


increase in meeting conversion rate on cold outreach


time savings on composing personalized first touches


odds you'll have more fun prospecting with First Touch

First Touch makes me not hate prospecting

Sarah Kahn

AE @ HubSpot

First Touch streamlines prospect outreach by providing an insights-driven platform for quick access to each prospect's pain points and interests, making personalized calls, emails, or LinkedIn messages efficient and less daunting.

Amanda Regan

BDR @ Klaviyo

Prospect research is one of the most time consuming aspects of my day-to-day--First Touch has been an absolute game changer in helping me expedite this process and produce quality outreach with a super intuitive interface

Gregory Hopp

AE @ Salesforce

First Touch unlocks impactful ways for reps to stand out

First Touch turns your generic outreach into authentic and personalized connections that resonate.

Why First Touch

Increase productivity

Stop spending 30 minutes on a first touch, follow up, or work back plan.

Consolidate tools

Avoid alternating between separate tools for research, prospecting, outreach, and contact information.

Improve conversion

Increase conversions by delivering tailored value and insight at every touchpoint.

How it works


Get started effortlessly with First Touch. Our streamlined onboarding process swiftly integrates with your existing systems, setting you up for success from day one.


Dive deep into comprehensive insights. First Touch analyzes your prospects' data, uncovering key insights and preferences to inform your strategy and approach.


Engage with precision and personalization. First Touch enables you to create meaningful connections through tailored communication, enhancing your outreach and boosting conversions.

First Touch goes  
where you go

Seamlessly guiding sales reps from initial prospect research to deal closure, our browser extension is your constant, efficient sales companion.

First Touch
First Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

How is First Touch different than every other AI sales tool?

1. Extensive Data Sources: We gather data from a broader spectrum of sources across all platforms.
2. Human Outreach: Our outreach is crafted to bypass AI content filters, ensuring authentic communication.
3. AI-First Design: Unlike tools that slap AI as a feature, First Touch is built from the ground up with AI integration, delivering superior efficiency and effectiveness.

Is First Touch just for initial outreach?

No, First Touch is designed for much more than just initial outreach. While it excels at first-time connections, its capabilities extend to nurturing ongoing relationships, follow-ups, and maintaining engagement throughout the sales cycle.

Where does First Touch get its data from?

First Touch sources its data from a variety of reliable and up-to-date databases, including public social media profiles, professional networks, market trends, and industry reports. We prioritize data accuracy and relevance to provide you with comprehensive insights about your prospects.

First Touch